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All About Home Made Beer and how to

What’s one of the most popular drinks in the world? You’ve guessed it, Beer. Why is that so? I remember when I first drank it I almost spewed. Much the same when I smoked my first cigarette, I felt as sick as a dog. So why did we do it? Peer pressure I suppose, but still, I think it tastes great now and that’s what got me into home made beer. It is almost a cult for some people now. They even have clubs where they can take their latest brew for sampling and of course showing off.

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starting home brewing
Unfortunately not all home made beers are equal as some of you may have found out when your mate proudly presented you with a mug of his home brew. UGG. Much the same as some home made wine fanatics. So why do people make home brew beer? Well maybe because it’s cheaper that buying the stuff, maybe it’s their great hobby.

Whatever it is there are some great home beer makers out there and I have tasted a few. Whatever the reason it is a great relaxing hobby with a great supping reward. It’s not expensive as some hobbies go and it’s great fun. It is no wonder that it’s very popular as you get a great feeling of achievement when you pour your drop of home made beer. (no matter how horrible it tastes when you first start off). Let’s face it any new hobby has a learning phase when you first start.

One of the great things about home made beer is that you can drink it without any of the additives that are put into the commercial beers. Just about every beer you buy has been pasteurized this means the beer is ‘cooked’ which kills the yeast whereas home made beer contains live yeast which gives your home brew a more natural taste.

The initial cost of buying the equipment you need to start making your own beer is quickly recovered after your first couple of batches of brewing. Most people who start home brewing are fed up with paying the bills for their beer. Home made beer brewing can fix up the cost of beer. Buying the ingredients for a 5 gallon batch can range from $25 to $45 depending on the type of beer you wish to make. Other costs such as bottles are around $12 for a case of 24 12 oz bottles. Of course these can be reused time and time again.

Home made beer brewing is catching on fast and is not really difficult to start you just have to follow the steps and not attempt to experiment until you have got the basics off pat. It is usually bes 1000 t to start of with a kit. Essentially there are only six basic steps to making your home made beer.

1. Making wort or must.

2. Fermentation.

3. Clarifying.

4. Conditioning

5. Packaging.

6. Drinking.

Brewing can take from two weeks to several months depending on the type of beer you wish to make. Usually you will have several batches going starting at different times especially for the longer brewing styles of beer.

Home made beer is not difficult, especially if you first start with a brewing kit. So go ahead and make your own beer and enjoy.

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